Blueprint To Monetize Your knowledge To Make Money Online 2023

Blueprint To Monetize Your knowledge To Make Money Online in 2024

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Everyone has enough knowledge to make money online which can help you to make at least $100 every week online.

Make Money Online

However, most people have no idea how or where to start.

Here’s the only blueprint you’ll ever need to monetize your unique interests:

Identify your expertise

To identify what you can teach to make money online, think about the intersection of:

• What you’re passionate about
• What’s already popular
• What’s profitable

Infiltrate popular & profitable conversations

Writing is easier when you can predict what will resonate:

Go to Quora , Twitter , LinkedIn even Facebook

• Search your interest
• Pick a relevant question
• Open up the question’s log
• Find answers with >250k views

Start building your audience

You can Use these platform to build your audience:

• Quora
• Reddit
• Twitter
• Medium
• LinkedIn

Secure ownership of the traffic

Drive the platform traffic to a:

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• Newsletter
• Opt-in
• Email
•Private WhatsApp group

Anything to take them off the social platform to get direct communication (via email):

Content to drive free and organic traffic.

Survey your audience (for problems)

To uncover what your audience actually wants, ask them about their:

• Struggles
• Reasons they joined
• Niche-related problems

And look for trends. (This can be done in the confirmation email)

Build your product

You need to package your knowledge as product in gumroad

You can build a:

• Course
• Blog post
• Membership
• Downloadable
• Service gateway

With Gumroad without any upfront costs

Build your landing page

Your landing page should:

• Showcase
• Persuade
• Illustrate
• Teach

What your offer does and ultimately move the prospects who want it to convert.

Launch via content platforms

Once you’re product is built – it’s time to launch.

Launch via:

• Tweets
• Threads
• Linkedin posts
• Medium articles

Anywhere you’ve started building your audience

 Launch via email campaign:

You’ve built your email list – you might as well leverage it.


• Effective copywriting
• Promo pricing
• Storytelling
• Scarcity

Initiate advocacy marketing

Social proof sells. Within your:

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• Course
• Membership
• Downloadable

Embed a request for a testimonial using

Repeat steps two & three

Traffic is the life-blood of your offer.

Keep publishing on:

• Quora
• Reddit
• Twitter
• Medium
• LinkedIn
• Product hunt
• Facebook

Anywhere you can acquire future customers.

Want to speed up the time it will take to build your audience? Drop comment how what type of business you are into

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