Make Money Online Using Telegram By Selling Usernames in 2022

How To Make Money Online Using Telegram By Selling Usernames in 2024

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In this Post, I will be reveling how you can make Money using telegram after the release of telegram username



The 9 years old messaging platform founded by two brothers that lets users send messages, photos and videos to one another has now made it possible for people to earn money.

Telegram is one of the closest competitors to social messaging apps giants like WhatsApp, with its wide range of tools it has now grown to be able to reach over 700million users monthly.

Seeing the rate at which the social app is growing, institutions and individuals are now hustling to control user and brand handle authority, which has now led to the buying and selling of usernames.

What this means is, You can now sell short usernames for hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars through auction in the open market.

Since the advent of these sales of usernames, over $9.12m has been spent/made acquiring usernames and some of the most expensive ones are,

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@auto, @bank, @chat, @fifa and @meta

Method To Make Money Online From Telegram Username

Good news to you!!!  You can now do same for yourself, sell or buy short usernames.

Before you do this, know that some of the best performing in terms of price are 4 letter words usernames.

Step 1:

fragment website


  • Connect your Tonkeeper account to Fragment Using Tonkeeper Wallet Or Telegram App

  •  Create your auction and cash out !


Who would have thought that someday we would be selling usernames in the open market?

This social media is really opening a lot of money making opportunities for everyone,

Like I would always say, We are at the peak in advancement where money making is very very easy—- but it looks like it’s not.

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