How To Avoid WordPress Hack And Means To Tighten Your WordPress Security

How To Avoid WordPress Hack And Means To Tighten Your WordPress Security

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In This Post, I will be explaining How To Avoid WordPress Hack And Means To Tighten Your WordPress Security. Your WordPress website can be Hacked easily and you wouldn’t even know.

How To Avoid WordPress Hack And Means To Tighten Your WordPress Security

Through my many years in WordPress Development and running different WordPress blogs, I have been able to discover that many WordPress websites could be hacked and the webmaster wouldn’t even know about it.
The painful part about this is, hackers will turn your WordPress website to guest posts sites, they will infest the server and use it for email blasting, they will even place their own Ad codes and earn money from your website without your knowledge.

When these happens, you may send many traffic to your blog, but earn little or nothing. Unknown to you, the hacker would be generating cool cash.
Before I tell you how to know a WordPress website has been hacked and what to do to overturn it, I will quickly share some simple ways WordPress websites can be hacked.

5 Simple ways WordPress websites can be hacked

1. When you download and install a null (cracked) pro plugin or theme
2. Vulnerabilities that exists in pre-existing theme and plugin. A plugin can be safe today, but no guarantees that by tomorrow hackers wouldn’t have access to penetrate them. It’s advisable to always update (turn on auto-update) plugins
3. You use easy to guess passwords. Last time I talked about Brute forcing, search brute force in my profile if you missed it. Everyday, a lot of pen-testing and brute forcing is done on Various WordPress websites, it’s important to use passwords up to 12 characters that are auto generated. Turn of 2FA if possible.
4. A server that your website exists is hacked. This is popular. Once a shell (what hackers use to perform malicious actions) is installed, they can use that to generate/install same shell across same paths for various websites. If your website happens to be in same server, be sure to get hacked.
5. One of the easiest ways to easily hacked WordPress websites according to sources is through file manager apps. It’s important to also deactivate file manager plugins after use and activate it only when you wish to use it.

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How To Know That Your WordPress Website Has Been Hacked

1. You will start seeing posts that you or your authorized authors didn’t make.
2. When you visit your website without login in as admin you will get various pop up ad
3. You see multiple Php files/shells being created in your file manager.
4. Your website throws a 504 error especially if they have injected the database and changed a few default WordPress files.
5. Your website suddenly disappears from Google or you get a manual action from Google search console.

Solution: How To Overturn After Being Hacked

1. Install Wordfence plugin or related and scan your website files, reset them to original WordPress files
2. Check your theme’s functions.php and header.php, WordPress index.php and wp-config.php as these are likely files a hacker are first to inject.
3. Note: if you have multiple themes even if you don’t use them, perform checks on those too because it would have been infested and shells installed inside, otherwise delete the themes you are not using.
4. Use Loginizer or Wordfence to reduce the rate of brute force by locking out users with wrong passwords after 3 tries and blocking malicious IPs also change the path of WordPress logins from /wp-admin to something else and from /wp-login.php to something else
5. Don’t leave WordPress website unmanaged and unattended to for too long, you never know. From time to time check around and navigate through the posts, your users lists, check search console errors or reach us to manage it for you.

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Few days ago, an unattended website caused a loss of so many leads because an old plugin led the hacker into infesting the database and altering some core files. So always cross check your plugin updates regularly and avoid nulled plugins and themes.

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