18 Platform To Get Web Design Inspiration – The Ultimate List and Guide With FAQ

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Having access to a collection of top web design inspiration is crucial for both business owners seeking ideas for their new website and graphic designers experiencing a creative block.

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For graphic designers, having a go-to repository of successful design concepts streamlines the design process and prevents repetition in projects. This is especially important to avoid creating similar designs for clients in different industries.

What are the reasons for needing web design inspiration?

The importance of web design inspiration is clear – it acts as a catalyst for the design process.

It helps to define and clarify design goals and offers a wealth of ideas and solutions. Browsing web design inspiration websites allows for the discovery of new and emerging design trends and keeps you up to date with the latest in the industry.

Furthermore, it stimulates creativity and encourages the development of a unique and personal design style.

As a graphic designer, regularly seeking out and studying web design inspiration can enhance your skills, improve your portfolio, and boost your career growth.

So, let’s dive into the world of web design inspiration for 2023

Where can one find web design inspiration?


1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a valuable resource for discovering and saving a wide range of content, including web design inspiration.

As a platform for content distribution, it offers a wealth of design ideas and inspiration from a variety of sources, including top industry designers.

By browsing and exploring the work of other designers, you can gain inspiration for your own projects, learn from their techniques and styles, and improve your own web design skills.

Additionally, Pinterest’s visually appealing and user-friendly design makes it a great platform for browsing and discovering new ideas.

2.  Behance

Behance, an Adobe initiative, is arguably the biggest platform online to showcase, explore, and find creative work.

Community Driven Inspiration

Behance has a huge creative community from which you can draw web design inspiration, especially as other designers showcase their work on the website. For example, you can search for “web design inspiration minimalist” and get tons of web designs with minimalistic themes.

Best-In-Class Filter Options

Being the largest creative community of its kind online, you’ll be in awe of the overload of ideas it presents, and in a good way.

The filter option on Behance works like a charm, helping you to find not only web design inspiration 2023 but also other design elements. There are numerous options to find and land on exactly what you’re looking for, including narrowing your search based on the ‘tools used.’

Or, you can simply search for “most appreciated” and check out some of the best web design inspirations to take your web design game to an all-new level!

3. SiteInspire

SiteInpsire is a valuable website for finding web design inspiration, particularly due to its extensive tagging system, which allows for very specific and targeted searches.

This feature makes it particularly useful for graphic designers who may be working on projects in unfamiliar niches.

The ability to search using multiple tags can lead to unexpected and interesting results, such as searching for “unusual navigation” for example.

This website is a great tool for getting out of the design rut, and finding new and unique design inspiration.

4. Awwwards

Awwwards is where some of the best website designs are submitted, vetted, and awarded. It is basically the gold standard when acknowledging and recognizing some of the best website designs today.

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Awwwards is basically the goldmine of best web design inspiration and ideas, and here is why

Expert Jury Voting

Awwwards has enlisted some of the top web design industry experts as the jury to vet submitted website designs. The evaluation and scoring are done on a vast array of characteristics, not limited to just how ‘beautiful’ the website looks.

In fact, the scoring is done on various attributes, including responsiveness, creativity, web design, usability, UI/UX, content, navigation, etc. The website also clearly mentions its scoring system.

Transparent Breakdowns

You don’t only get to check out their scoring system but also the score each jury awarded. Even the community members get to vote in, and anybody can join the community. It gives you a sneak peek into what the masses, especially the creative community, find appealing.

Extensive Tagging

At Awwwards, every website is tagged with its characteristics, including the framework, dominant colors, the platform used, industry/niche, and so on. It allows you to find web design inspiration and ideas in specific categories easily.

5. Land-Book

Land-Book boasts an extensive and well-organized collection of high-quality web designs, blogs, portfolios, eCommerce websites, landing pages and more.

It offers a wide range of options for web design inspiration, including pricing options, About Us pages, full websites and even Webflow templates.

The variety of listings available in each category, including distinct outlooks, themes, colors, industries, platforms, features and more, ensures that you will find something that meets your specific needs and satisfies your creative hunger.

6. Best Website Gallery

If you’re looking for web design inspiration 2023, you can’t miss browsing through Best Website Gallery. As the name suggests, it has web designs in various styles, themes, and aesthetics, ensuring you find a design theme that aligns with your next project.

If you’re stuck in a ‘creative block’ for a long time, Best Website Gallery has a repository of unique designers and web design inspiration portfolios that’s sure to help you out of it.

There are also category filters you can use to narrow down your search, blasting your creativity levels with a new lease of life.

7. CSS Nectar

CSS Nectar is a cutting-edge source of the top web design inspiration available online. The websites featured on the site are carefully selected and meet high standards of quality.

Additionally, there is a $5 submission fee for each website, ensuring that only the best designs are featured. With new submissions added regularly, there are always fresh and innovative design ideas to discover.

The site also features a convenient filter system, making it easy to find specific types of web designs, and you can also see how many awards and likes a website has received, giving you insight into current trends in the design community.

8. Dribble

Whether you’re looking for web design inspiration for the entire framework of your website or in a dilemma with any specific design element – trust Dribble to help you with the tricky situation.

Many leading names in the web design space trust Dribble to help them find the web design inspiration they’re looking for. Search from a wide range of design themes and elements on the website, including icons, illustrations, tabs, apps, and more.

The universe of Dribble isn’t just limited to web design but also graphic design.

This makes Dribble a great platform for web designers to improve, update, and enhance their knowledge and skills about the latest techniques and styles. And, just like other web design libraries, you can narrow down your search through tags.

9. WebDesign-Inspiration

WebDesign-Inspiration is a great resource for web designers who need a boost of creativity.

It has a global audience and member base, featuring the best website designs from around the world. The website is not limited to individual web designers, but also includes creative agencies.

It is updated daily with new digital designs including websites, apps, and other design elements, providing an abundance of web design inspiration for any project. A useful feature of the website is its separate section for WordPress Themes, making it easy to find great WP designs and themes.

10. DesignRush

Design Rush is a leading B2B marketplace, with a network of over 10,000 professional agencies, providing businesses worldwide with a one-stop-shop for their design needs.

The site offers an extensive ecosystem for web design inspiration, including authoritative articles, Best Design Awards, web design agency directories, and more.

It features in-depth articles with reviews of top web designs, providing creative leads for web designers. Brands can also take inspiration from award-winning web designs when creating or revamping their website.

11. Commerce Cream

Commerce Cream is the hub of some of the best e-commerce web designs online. While featuring tons of eCommerce web designs, the layout and interface of Commerce Cream are the simplest of all other websites mentioned here.

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It is because the website features a one-page layout, where users can scroll to check out unique, impressive, and ROI-focused Shopify eCommerce stores.

The best part is you can even check out the name of the web design agencies that have created these designs. It makes it easier for individuals and brands to connect with the agency whose work they’re impressed with.

If you’re looking for eCommerce web design inspiration, you can’t miss out on checking Commerce Cream. Even with its simplicity, it manages to stand out for its focus on one specific niche.

12. Design Inspiration

Design Inspiration is a website that resembles a personal mood board and offers a wide range of inspiring web design ideas, including typefaces, photography, and physical and digital designs.

Regardless of the type of web design project you are working on, Design Inspiration has something to offer. The website was created as a platform for web designers and design professionals to showcase their work and continues to do so today, inspiring thousands of creatives worldwide.

You’ll appreciate its mood board-style layout, which is easy to navigate.

13. Brutalist Websites

Brutalist Websites is a collection of some of the most cutting-edge web designs on the internet. Its raw, avant-garde style and minimalistic layout give it a unique appeal that is worth checking out.

The website’s design itself is an inspiration for many web designers. In a world where web designers are constantly competing to create the most contemporary designs, Brutalist Websites has a design that stands out by not conforming.

Its raw and unfiltered aesthetic makes it a great source of fresh UI web design inspiration. The design is not focused on conversion or usability and is popular among the creative circles.

14. Template Monster

You might be wondering why to look for web design inspiration at a theme shop, but Template Monster does a great job at it. Here you’ll find high-quality themes designed following best practices.

Take advantage of the seamless architecture of themes and get inspired by its visual patterns, content structure, and back end. And then finally, layer the theme with your signature design style and other project-specific elements.

Template Monster can be a great source of web design inspiration, especially when designing something for a new industry. It provides you with ready-made templates to kick-start your web design project.

With more than 25K+ templates available across different verticals, you’ll be spoilt for choices in terms of web design inspiration.

15. Call To Idea

Call To Idea is a useful resource for web designers, providing not only design ideas but also practical inspiration.

The website features a wide range of design ideas for many categories, including 404 pages, admin dashboards, contact us pages, and more. It offers web design inspiration to match various project styles, whether it be fun and quirky or professional and minimalistic.

Additionally, it covers not only the primary pages such as the home page and About Us page but also other often overlooked pages like login, pricing and 404 pages.

The website is worth visiting to explore more.

16. CSS Design Awards

CSS Design Awards is the place where you can find award-winning web designers. Check out the works of globally acclaimed web designers to awaken your creative side and find that much-needed web design inspiration 2023.

CSS Design Awards, as the name suggests, is an award platform featuring web design agencies and freelancers from across the globe.

Here you’ll check out some of the breakthrough works by many web designers who have gone all-guns-firing with their creative guns, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, dropping jaws at many places!

17. Pttrns

Pttrns is a vast collection of design resources, including web design elements and inspiration.

The website may appear overwhelming at first glance, but it is easy to navigate once you get familiar with it. It offers a wide range of resources for web designers, making it an essential tool that should not be overlooked. The subscription fee of $5 per month gives you access to all the resources Pttrns offers, including the latest trends, web designs, popular designs, and more. It is a valuable resource that can help to enhance your skills and boost your career.

18. Admire The Web

Admire The Web is a great source of web design inspiration due to its curated collection of high-quality website designs.

Although the website’s design may not be particularly striking, the wealth of quality content it offers makes it worth visiting. The website is heavily tagged, making it easy to find what you’re looking for using filters.

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Another useful feature of the website is the “related content” section, which allows you to explore more in-depth your search for UI web design inspiration.


Web Design Inspiration: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do you get inspiration for web design?

Creating a great website is crucial for the success of your business, however, with the vast number of websites on the internet, catering to different businesses and individuals, it can be difficult to find inspiration for your own website.

If you feel stuck, here are some great tips and how you can get inspiration for web design:

  • Understand the purpose and overall goal of the website
  • Research your competitors in the same niche to analyze their website design
  • Find examples of websites you like and don’t like
  • Apart from Google, find inspiration on social media sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr
  • View design portfolios and galleries of web designers on different online marketplaces

Remember, a new website design requires flexibility and an open mind to help break through and design an excellent website.

What are the 7 basic web design elements?

Here are the 7 basic web design elements to consider when planning and designing your next website project:

1. Cross-Browser Compatibility – Web traffic to your website may come from multiple sources. Cross-browser compatibility ensures you deliver an excellent experience regardless of the user’s device type.

2. Clean & User-Friendly Design – Good web design makes it easier for your visitors to find information quickly and easily, making it more appealing.

3. Consistent Typography/Font – Consistent typography and fonts indicate subtle hints of what you represent and allow visitors to move easily from one section to another.

4. Optimized for Speed – All the elements of your website need to be optimized for speed to offer faster loading speeds.

5. Engaging Content – The website text should be concise, informative, and easy to read. Well-written content will make your website design effective and engaging.

6. SEO-Friendly – Maximizing the use of SEO to complement the design and content of your website is important to improve your search rankings and drive a large traffic volume.

7. Calls to Action Buttons – If the ultimate goal of your website is to convert visitors, the call-to-action button needs to be clearly visible and attract users through its surroundings.

What are the 5 elements of web design?

he 5 elements of web design that you need to establish to create a stunning web design are:

1. Look & Feel of the Website – A visually impressive website reflects your brand and better connect with your audience.

2. Usability – Your website should be accessible, easily navigable, and mobile-friendly to help your visitors with as little effort as possible.

3. Website Content – Engaging content will help keep your visitors on your website for much longer.

4. Online Visibility – Even the best of the website will fail if it does not get any traffic, so ensure your website is optimized to receive traffic from different sources.

5. Interaction – Your website is there to generate leads, so your website needs to engage with your visitors and take action in the way you would like.

What are the 4 principles of web design?

The 4 crucial principles that web designers apply to create core ideas for web design are:

Principle 1 – Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy indicates the order in which the human eye perceives things. It means that certain part of your website is more important and should be emphasized in the design to get more attention from the visitors.

Principle 2 – Hick’s Law

Hick’s Law indicates that every additional choice increases the time needed to make the final decision. Thus, you need to eliminate distractions in the design process and provide better filters for easy decision-making.

Principle 3 – White Space & Clean Design

White space is the part of the website that is ’empty.’ It is the space between the visuals, columns, and lines of text. A website with optimal white space makes your website look clean and helps communicate a clear message.

Principle 4 – Fitt’s Law

Fitt’s Law states that the time visitors take to select an object depends on the size of the object and how far they are from the object. Thus, it is important to make the CTA button larger to stand out and be easy to click.


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